Durex Play Classic Lubricant 50ml



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There are times when every couple needs a little help in the bedroom. 
Durex Play lubricant is designed for pleasure-enhancement, making lovemaking a more sensual experience for both partners.

Non-greasy and odorless, it is water soluble and safe to use with condoms.
Some greasy lubricants can contribute to condom slippage, and other lubricants can lead to degradation of the condom itself.
Durex Play is manufactured by one of the leading makers of condoms, so they know what is best all the way around.

Customers who have used Durex Play say that it is long lasting, has a good consistency and is sold at a good price.
Why shop in retail stores and purchase a lubricant off the shelf? It does not make sense when there is an excellent product made by an excellent company which is a leader in products made for enhanced pleasure and stimulation for both males and females.

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