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Apivita, Aqua, Vita, Eye, Cream

95% natural ingredients
Intensive Moisturization & Revitalization – Protection from Premature Aging – Treatment of Dark Circles & Puffiness


Light texture cream for intensive moisturization with chaste tree phyto-endorphins in a double encapsulation system and patented propolis extract.

Chaste tree phyto-endorphins, oat extract and lecithin offer moisturization and revitalization in the eye area.
Treats signs of fatigue.
Rouscogenin and escin tone microcirculation and help in the treatment of dark circles and puffiness.
The patented propolis extract protects from premature aging.
In the new Aqua Vita line, APIVITA has replaced water with Greek mountain tea infusion for its potent antioxidant action.



Gently pat a small amount around the eyes, day and night.

For external use only.


Aqua Vita Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Eye Cream has a rich formula and contains 95% natural ingredients


*Chaste tree phyto-endorfins
*Propolis extract 1
*Shea butter
*Jojoba oil
*Greek mountain tea


*Propylene glycol
*Mineral oil

* Certified organic cultivation
patented propolis extract. Num. OBI/1007520


Chaste Tree Phyto-Endorphins

New double encapsulation system of chaste tree phyto-endorphins for greater stability, faster action and increased penetration in the deepest layers of the skin. Chaste tree phyto-endorphins are encapsulated originally in cyclodextrin (natural polysaccharide) and then in a liposome enriched with a nano-emulsion of vitamins E and C. This technologically advanced encapsulation and transfer system provides targeted action to a greater depth, while it ensures the ideal renewal rate of the keratin cells and enhances the skin’s protective film.


Patented Propolis Extraction

In 2013, APIVITA won an Innovation Award for the Patent of Propolis Extraction against Premature Aging (Patent No. 1007520), resulting from years of experience and the company’s extensive know-how on apicultural products. For the first time, the potent substances of propolis are encapsulated in cyclodextrin in order to achieve the maximum collection of the flavonoids and polyphenols it contains to be transferred to the end product. With an effectiveness verified by 8 clinical studies, this particularly powerful antioxidant and anti-aging extract moderates significantly the influence of free radicals and it enhances the production of collagen and elastin.

Greek Mountain Tea Infusion

In several product compositions, APIVITA replaces water with the infusion of organic Greek mountain tea, of Sideritis Syriaca type. Being a rich source of antioxidants, Greek mountain tea empowers the products with flavonoids, protects from free radicals and offers anti-aging action. 

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