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With mixed Carotenoids

In terms of human nutrition beta carotene is one of the most important phyto pigments and is distributed throughout the plant world. It belongs to the carotenoid family and when ingested it serves as a precursor to Vitamin A. For this reason it is often referred to as ‘provitamin A’. This conversion from beta carotene to vitamin A takes place in the liver, kidneys and intestinal mucosa at a rate which varies from person to person according to physiological needs. Beta carotene is now recognised as an important substance itself, being one of the main antioxidant nutrients in our diet. Antioxidants are substances that help our bodies to destroy or quench harmful free radicals that are produced quite naturally in the human body and which, if allowed to proceed unchecked, can harm tissues and organs. Lamberts® Natural Beta Carotene is extracted in the natural form from Dunaliella Salina, a pink alga which lives on the surface of salt lakes and which contains small amounts of other mixed carotenoids. The growth of the organism is controlled in a high salt-water environment, which precludes contamination, by harmful micro-organisms.

Each capsule delivers:

Mixed Carotenoids (from Dunaliella salina algae) 15mg


Beta Carotene


Alpha Carotene








Equivalent to Vitamin A


Encapsulated with: Sunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Gelatin, Glycerin, Colour: Iron Oxides), Silicon Dioxide.

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