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Pure, Oyster, Taurine

What is Oyster Taurine?

The extract from oysters harvested at specific times of the year, so as to contain the highest value of taurine content, which is the main ingredient in oysters. Taurine is in the human body, especially in heart muscle, nervous tissue and brain.

Taurine is essential for proper development, the regulation of cardiac arrhythmias in blood pressure and cholesterol lowering. It is also useful in the stabilization of glucose and insulin levels, which is beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes. Taurine is considered as a safe supplement when used in accordance with proper dosage instructions, but can interact with certain medicines. Consult your doctor if you are thinking to use taurine supplements, especially if you have a known health status.

Taurine is necessary for the proper functioning of skeletal muscles, nervous system and heart operation. It is important for the development and maintenance of healthy vision. It is effective in helping to control high blood pressure. Taurine is also useful to remove greasy deposits from the liver. Taurine is beneficial to remove water retention, especially in women during their menstrual periods.

Taurine oyster: Restores lost power!

  • Regulates heart arrhythmia
  • When blood pressure
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • For the proper functioning of skeletal muscle and nervous system
  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • Improves glucose tolerance
  • It reduces the risk of muscle damage

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