Lee Stafford Everyday Blondes Shampoo 250 ML

Lee stafford


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Not all blondes were created equal
Your hair will glow, you will glow. A shampoo specially formulated with PRO-BLONDE™ Complex and Moringa Seed Extract to encourage natural shine to truly glow. This formula has been designed so that it is gentle enough for daily use and does not strip your hair of moisture or colour. 21st Century colour protection also helps to stop that annoying colour fade! Use this shampoo to maintain clean, vibrant,  beautiful, salon fresh blonde!  
Top Tips

  • Apply to wet hair, massage gently into a lather and rinse well
  • For best results follow with my BLEAch BLondes CoNDiTiONER as part of your daily regime 
  • For the ultimate, icy blonde bombshell, ALSO try my BLEAch BLondes toning SHaMPOO once a week - it really knocks out those brassy tones!


  • Gentle
  • Daily use
  • UV Protection
  • Enhances shine
  • Refreshes blonde hair

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