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It is known that during any physical activity, muscles produce lactic acid: the more intense the exercise is, the greater the production of lactic acid.
When the sportsman trains in anaerobic conditions, or very close to the threshold, the production of lactic acid is at its maximum and the feeling of muscular fatigue increases. In particular, when the speed of production of lactic acid is higher than the ability of the body to dispose it, muscles are less efficient, pain arises and you need to stop.

FL100 SPORT® is a product for the prevention of lactic acidosis and for the reduction of oxidative stress. This product contains ACTIVATED ZEOLITE, a mineral of volcanic origin which is formed when lava meets sea water . This mineral is able to bind toxins, heavy metals, ammonium ion and free radicals.
Through an complex and sophisticated activation process, which increases its contact surface, zeolites contained in FL100 SPORT® are very active.
FL100 SPORT® helps prevent lactic acidosis (acidification of muscles caused by an increase in lactic acid) resulting from an intense physical exertion and reduces oxidative stress.
The effects of this product are based on the specific feature of activated zeolite to reduce, in a mere physical way, the formation of free radicals in the digestive system. Consequently, oxygen is more available for aerobic processes and, thanks to a better energy and lactate metabolism, body efficiency is improved and recovery times shortened.

Take 3 capsules twice a day with little water during main meals. In case of intense physical exertion, as during very hard training or competitions, take 6 capsules before and after the performance.

Suitable for:

  • All sports requiring an intense muscular exertion
  • People who want to prevent lactic acidosis and to combat lactic acid production during sports activities

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