Apivita 3821 School Kids Antilice, Shampoo, 250ml



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Mild surfactant system: gently cleanses the hair Limonoid of neem oil, essential oils of tea tree, geranium, citronella: repel lice
Lavender: calms itching and irritation on the scalp
Aloe: moisturizes and nourish hair
Rosemary: stimulates hair
Propolis: a mild antiseptic and antioxidant
Exclusive innovation: APIVITA has replaced the water with an infusion of organic lavender for soothing effect.
Not contain chemical ingredients that have been blamed for adverse effects on health or the environment.
WITHOUT: Parabens, Silicones, Mineral oil, Propylene glycol, Ethanolamines, Colorants, Phthalates, PCM, NM

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