Ahava Time to Smooth Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer Spf 20

Dr. Müller Syrup with Plantain, Honey and Vitamin C
May 30, 2015
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Ahava Time to Smooth Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer Spf 20


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This advanced multi-benefit formula corrects uneven skin tone, brightens skin’s appearance and reduces the appearance of fine lines for a visible younger, smoother look. AHAVA’s proprietary Urban ComplexTM together with UV filters provides skin with superior protection against sun and environmental damage.
96% of users saw brighter, more even toned skin in just 14 days*
*Based on user tests performed over 4 weeks.
For AM use. Apply a dime-sized amount evenly all over face and throat

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It all started with a team dedicated to studying, protecting, and celebrating the wonders of nature. Based in modern-day Israel, the Dead Sea region is rich in resources; scientists sought greater understanding of how minerals and botanicals could benefit the skin, giving rise to AHAVA in 1988. A NATURAL PHENOMENON Our study of nature, skin and people led to the development of AHAVA’s Osmoter™, the mineral catalyst at work in every AHAVA formula. By harnessing the most dynamic elements of the Dead Sea, this scientifically balanced blend of minerals delivers exceptional hydration to the skin. AHAVA’s Osmoter™ draws moisture and nutrients from the depths of the skin to its outer layers, where it is needed the most. This is how AHAVA products activate your skin from within.


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