Apivita Sunface Antispot, Cream, 50ml x 50spf

Dr. Müller Syrup with Plantain, Honey and Vitamin C
May 30, 2015
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Apivita Sunface Antispot, Cream, 50ml x 50spf


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77% natural ingredients
High Protection from UVA and UVB radiation – Discoloration and Prevention of Brown Spots – Even Skin Tone


Tinted sun care face cream (SPF50 and UVA 34) with patented propolis that combats photoaging, treats brown spots, discolorations and freckles, while preventing the formation of new ones. Suitable for skin that suffers from or has a tendency to develop discolorations, while it offers medium coverage and an even skin tone. Ideal for use during pregnancy or menopause.

Sea lavender rich in sterols and vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and panthenol help skin fight harmful radiation and irritations, while at the same time they provide moisturization.
Sea fennel stem cells and organic achillea reduce the number and intensity of brown spots and impede the development of new ones.
Mineral pigments (iron and titanium oxides) in combination with a fatty amino acid ensure an even skin tone and smooth, shiny skin with matte look.
Green tea water, lycopene and vitamin E provide antioxidant protection.
Patented propolis extract – an APIVITA innovation – with high concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, provides consistently enhanced antioxidant protection from photoaging and free radicals, while supporting the formulation of collagen and elastine.
Photostable combination of broad spectrum natural and synthetic filters ensures up to 130% greater protection and stable SPF throughout the entire life of the product.
Also ideal for use as light make-up.





Use before sun exposure. Apply on your face a sufficient quantity (2mg/cm² or half teaspoon) and re-apply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or drying skin with towel. By minimizing the recommended quantity, you minimize significantly the protection provided by the product. When used as make-up, apply it by itself or after cream or/and serum.


SUNCARE Antispot Tinted Face Cream SPF50 has a rich formula and contains 77% natural ingredients


Patented Propolis Extraction

In 2013, APIVITA won an Innovation Award for the Patent of Propolis Extraction against Premature Aging (Patent No. 1007520), resulting from years of experience and the company’s extensive know-how on apicultural products. For the first time, the potent substances of propolis are encapsulated in cyclodextrin in order to achieve the maximum collection of the flavonoids and polyphenols it contains to be transferred to the end product. With an effectiveness verified by 8 clinical studies, this particularly powerful antioxidant and anti-aging extract moderates significantly the influence of free radicals and it enhances the production of collagen and elastin.

Natural Infusion Base

APIVITA replaces water with natural organic infusions that give its products mainly antioxidant attributes. Given that most cosmetics’ water content exceeds 70%, APIVITA products are antioxidant-rich in their base. The effectiveness of the infusions selected in each case is proven through scientific methods. The antioxidant action of the infusions is measured through the FRAP method, while their capacity to eliminate free radicals through the DPPH method. Organic green tea, which serves as the basis of many products, has been selected as it is rich in polyphenols, has a great antioxidant effect along with antiseptic, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory attributes, all contributing in the rejuvenation and hydration of the skin. Over the past few years, APIVITA has been studying and using infusions from Greek medicinal herbs with well-proven, exceptional antioxidant effects, such as the organic Greek mountain tea.

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