Biocalcin 30 Capsules

June 1, 2020
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June 13, 2020
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Biocalcin 30 Capsules


Biocalcin is a dietary supplement that contributes to the maintenance of the bones.

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Your Best Bones’ Advocate.

Bone mass is developed during childhood. It is important to have a varied balanced diet and a regular intake of products rich in calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K throughout all our lives. However, depending on our life cycle (menopause, aging, seasonal changes, etc.), we can feel the need to supplement with calcium and/or vitamin D and K. Yet, vitamin D is involved in normal serum calcium levels as well as the normal absorption and use of calcium, while vitamin K helps keep the bones healthy.​

This trio of micronutrients (calcium, vitamins D and K) play a role with regards to your bone health. Given that the calcium requirements are often covered by the food we eat, Surveal Laboratoires took care to develop Biocalcin ™️, a dietary supplement that helps cover your needs in vitamins D and K.​

Menaquinone-7 is known for its high content of vitamin K and more specially MK7, which has a greater bioavailability in the body than synthetic vitamin K. Surveral Laboratoires selected this form forb Biocalcin ™️.​

Biocalcin ™️ contains (in one capsule) 45 µg of Vitamin K2 i.e. 60% of the RDA* and 25 µg of Vitamin D, i.e. 500% of the RDA*. ​

Presentation: Box of 30 capsules​ ​ ​



Laboratoires Surveal is a Belgian nutraceuticals company, founded in 2011, that is specialized in developing and manufacturing premium quality dietary supplements for a variety of lifestyle-enhancing purposes, as well as a range of nutraceutical hygiene and cosmetic products. Continuous perfection of our products is a key driver of our business, as is our determination to constantly increase their safety and efficacy, backed by the highest production standards.Surveal offers in-depth consultation as well as comprehensive and customized services in the scientific field, from initial product conception to product development and industrialization through to the creation of international registration dossiers.
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