BIOXESIN Nasal Spray

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June 7, 2013
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BIOXESIN Nasal Spray


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Product: Nasal spray  based on Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), extracts of Propolis and Eucalyptus 
Main indication: Naturally relieves nasal congestion due to colds and rhinitis
Other Indications: Breathing difficulties due to allergy and rhinitis / Congestion and de-hydration due to rhinitis / Respiratory diseases (such as sinusitis, rhinitis, colds and influenza) / Discomfort due to physiological alteration of nasal mucosa in case of rhinitis, allergies or colds / Snoring (by contributing in the clearance of nasal passages) / Runny nose / Stuffy nose / Discomfort due to dry Air, polluted Air and smoke.

  • Starts working in seconds 
  • Safe to use throughout allergy season (but also good for year round indoor and outdoor allergies)
  • Breathe through  nose more easily (by contributing in freeing the nasal passages)
  • Improves breathing and well-being (to enjoy daily activities, exercise and family and night sleep)
  • Easy to apply by just a touch (no bottle squeezing manoeuvre and effort required; indicated for users with coordination or dexterity issues)
  • Usable in all occasions (driving, in the office, etc)
  • Increases the surface distribution covering the entire nose passages (rather than focusing only on one point)
  • The pump technology delivers a fine mist in a precise measured dose (money saving compared to other nasal washes and drops)
  • Quick absorption (mist is easily absorbable compared to the absorption of a single drop)
  • No dripping (No spill over face, neck and clothes leaving make up untouched and not staining any clothes)
  • Handy size for travelling or keeping in your handbag/pocket
  • All components are natural and respectful for human health (does not contain harmful components as Benzalkonium chloride, Chlorexidine, Thimerosal and parabens)  
  • Applicable at all times with no limitation (no need to schedule daily application and set any reminder)
  • Aloe vera extracts recognized for its anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming, hydrating, refreshing and healing effects
  • No side effects (no drowsiness sensation after use)
  • Non Addictive (No vicious cycles of overuse and dependence that can last for long)
  • No burning issues (PH 7,2 is the closest to the natural eye one, ensuring no aggressiveness at all)
  • No Side Effects
  • 250 applications possible (sprayed mist increases the number of application compared to regular drops)
  • Usable for 3 months after being opened (not being obliged to dispose it immediately after use)
  • Automatic solution protection once released the trigger (no need to remind to seal immediately the bottle manually) 
  • Spray technology limits the air accessing the solution (increasing the solution resistance to ambient)
  • Respects the major international certifications (following continuous accuracy and quality controls carried out by experts and independent bodies)
  • Patient friendly device easy to open the cap (no need of excessive efforts or external supplies as pliers etc)
  • Suitable for children (from 3 years old)
  • Secure and Biocompatible (no risk at all is associated with the product) 
  • Compatible with homeopathic remedies
  • No underage, no slavery and underpaid employee involved in overall production process
  • Made in Italy

Presentation: 30 ml 

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