Celine 60 Tablets

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Celine 60 Tablets


So put the odds in your favor by having a healthy and balanced diet to ensure good fertility.​

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The Essence Of Feminism

Ovaries are the female sex glands that produce eggs. It is important to know that various factors have a negative impact on reproductive function and may lead to less frequent or a lack of ovulation, resulting in reduced fertility.​ For example, being overweight and consuming alcohol have scientifically proven adverse effects on fertility. So put the odds in your favor by having a healthy and balanced diet to ensure good fertility.​

Vitamin B9 plays a role in the process of cell division and contributes to the maternal tissue growth during pregnancy. It is therefore important that women get enough folate during conception and during early pregnancy.​

For this reason, health organizations recommend folate supplementation for all women who wish to have a child, which should be started around 2 months before pregnancy.​

Surveal Laboratories has used its expertise to develop the dietary supplement Celine™️ , which combines folate, an extract of Serenoa repens, alpha lipoic acid, inositol and N-acetyl Cysteine. ​

Presentation: Box of 60 tablets



  • The only available combination to synergistically control androgenic PCOS symptoms
  • Enhances oocytes quality and maturation
  • Restores fertility
  • Improves compliance vs. conventional insulin-sensitizing drugs


Per 1 Tablet


500 mg

N-acetyl cysteine

300 mg

Alpha lypoïc acid

60 mg

Serenoa repens extract

35 mg

Folic acid

50 μg

Recommended dosage :
1 – 2 tablets per day.

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Laboratoires Surveal is a Belgian nutraceuticals company, founded in 2011, that is specialized in developing and manufacturing premium quality dietary supplements for a variety of lifestyle-enhancing purposes, as well as a range of nutraceutical hygiene and cosmetic products. Continuous perfection of our products is a key driver of our business, as is our determination to constantly increase their safety and efficacy, backed by the highest production standards.Surveal offers in-depth consultation as well as comprehensive and customized services in the scientific field, from initial product conception to product development and industrialization through to the creation of international registration dossiers.


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