Collistar Nourishing Perfecting Dry Oil 150ml

June 1, 2020
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June 13, 2020
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Collistar Nourishing Perfecting Dry Oil 150ml


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Lights and sublimates the skin, this wonderful dry oil made from pistachio oil.
The oil Sicilian Pistachio: a concentration of active ingredients. A really original oil, in fact, hardly ever used in cosmetics, Laboratories Collistar, with their search they discover the fabulous ingredients.
The Pistachio Oil is an extraordinary ally of the health and beauty of skin. That used by Collistar is especially valuable because it is 100% pure and extracted by cold pressing from the finest pistachios from Sicily. It boasts an exceptional content (about 60%) of essential fatty acids that provide the skin an extra hydration, nourishment and elasticity. It is then packed with vitamins A and E, moisturizing, revitalizing and anti-free radicals, as well as protein and minerals.
In addition we find the The porcelain flower: for never been so bright and perfect skin.
To sublimate the beauty of the skin Collistar Researchers have added to the oily extract of the formula ‘porcelain flower’, a flower so named because her white petals seem to be made of porcelain. Besides having moisturizing and regenerating properties thanks to the presence of flavonoids and phytosterols, + P8 this particular extract leaves an imperceptible film on the skin with soft-focus effect, which refracts light giving the skin brightness and camouflaging imperfections optically cutanee.Una texture pleasant as a caress. Mild, velvety and immediately absorbed, this extraordinary oil ‘dry’ out of touch incredibly silky glides gently on the body, wrapping it in a veil of perfection. Immediately the skin appears to be sublimated: smooth, bright and ultra-soft. With daily use, the results are consolidated and day after day the skin, intensely and constantly nourished and hydrated, finds its ideal perfection. The handy spray makes it extremely quick using the product and transforms the application into an act of pleasure and benessere.Adatto in every season and for every skin type. Spray on the body and help absorption with a gentle massage.



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