Collistar Talasso Scrub 700g

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Collistar Talasso Scrub 700g


revitalizing exfoliating salts with essential oils

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  • the sea salts exfoliate, freeing the skin from dead cells
  • the plant oils leave it soft and silky
  • the essential oils provide an intense feeling of energy and vitality
  • combines the benefits of thalassotherapy and aromatherapy

Creator of the first ever Talasso-Scrub, Collistar has formulated this exclusive specialty by combining the benefits of thalassotherapy and aromatherapy with the properties of prized Sardinian Juniper. Much more than just an scrub, it’s a multi-purpose treatment which:
1. smooths and regenerates with a blend of sea salts and Sardinian Fleur de Sel
2. tones and eases tiredness thanks to extraordinary Juniper extract
3. hydrates and nourishes with oils of Mastic, Sesame and Grape Seed
4. boosts energy and wellbeing through a cocktail of pure natural essential oils evoking the fragrances of the
Mediterranean maquis.
Leaves skin polished and perfectly hydrated, with no need for additional moisturizer. The Scrub is exceptionally
effective: before specialist treatments, making the skin more receptive to active ingredients; before tanning, for more even, radiant, longer-lasting colour; after tanning, as it quickly helps remove unattractive areas of peeling skin.

Your extra tip
Suitable for all skin types, it leaves the skin incredibly soft and moisturized. Ideal: – before specialist treatments because it makes the skin more receptive – before exposure to the sun and self-tanning products for more even, longer-lasting colour – after tanning, as it quickly helps remove unattractive areas of peeling.

How to use
Stir the scrub, massage onto the body (paying particular attention to rough areas) and rinse off under the shower or in the bath. Use on damp skin for a light scrub or on dry skin for more intensive exfoliation. Recommended use: once or twice a week.

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