Linea Mamma Intimate, Cleanser, 200ml

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June 7, 2013
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Linea Mamma Intimate, Cleanser, 200ml


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Marigold and Tea Tree oil

Intimate female hygiene is an essential element of importance in the well being of a woman. It therefore requires maximum attention in choosing the most delicate products targeted at cleansing this specific area and respecting the body’s pH.
It is fundamental that the cosmetics used in this most delicate area work without altering the body’s balance.

How it works: HELAN’s Intimate Cleanser contains the targeted action of sweet surfactant agents of vegetable origin, SLS and SLES free, preservative and color free, in order to not alter the delicate balance of microorganisms normally present in the genital area, and Marigold extract, with its emollient and soothing properties. This formula creates a particularly unpleasant environment for Candidiasis albicans because it is lightly alkaline due to the slight change in pH, thereby inhibiting proliferation.
Itching as well as inflammation are prevented thanks to the atural bacterial static properties of Tea Tree oil.

How to use it: HELAN’s Intimate Cleanser, with its slightly basic pH, delicately removes excess secretions while fully protecting the body’s physiological bacterial flora.
Apply directly morning and night or whenever needed.
Rinse gently with warm water.
Also highly indicated after the pool/gym.

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