Phytorelax Keratin Anti-Frizz Treatment, Iron and Dryer

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June 7, 2013
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Phytorelax Keratin Anti-Frizz Treatment, Iron and Dryer


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Hair dryers, styling irons, aggressive products and special treatments all contribute to a problem which is affecting more and more people: “ruined hair”.Healthy hair has a pure keratin content of 70-80%. When it doesn’t contain enough keratin, hair loses its natural strength and its healthy shine.From the laboratories of Harbor comes PHYTORELAX Keratin Complex, a new range of hair care products based on a liquid keratinformula which bonds to the hair fiber and significantly reverses the effects of deterioration caused by external agents, both chemical and physical.A powerful therapy which effectively combats the signs of ageing and hair damage, rebuilding the structure of the hair and making styling last longer: 

* hair gains in tone and volume 
* rebuilds hair structure, for longer styling life 
* leaves hair fiber soft and full-bodied with renewed vitality 
* eliminates frizz 
* repairs hair cuticles, protecting them against external agents 

All PHYTORELAX Keratin Complex products exist in harmony with nature. They do not contain SLES, parabens, mineral oils or formaldehydes.
A treatment which instantly nourishes, repairs and reinforces the structure of treated and porous hair. Contains liquid keratin for guaranteed better results when applied under heat. Apply with styling iron and/or blow dryer to improve the appearance of straggly, frizzy hair and repair hair shafts with long-term damage. Eliminates porosity and protects hair against humidity, improving hold and optimizing color. Nourishes, repairs and rebuilds damaged hair.


Apply a small quantities on damp or dry hair and distribute uniformly along the length. Proceed with hair-dried hairstyle.

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