Phytorelax Plus33 Dermo Calming Soothing Treatment

Dr. Müller Syrup with Plantain, Honey and Vitamin C
May 30, 2015
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Phytorelax Plus33 Dermo Calming Soothing Treatment


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From the HARBOR laboratories comes PHYTORELAX ESSENTIAL OILS PLUS 33, a new, all-natural beauty and wellness treatment for your hair and scalp. Stress, environmental factors, chemical treatments and diet can all affect the delicate equilibrium of yourhair, causing hair loss, itching and reddening of the scalp, dandruff, and overactive sebaceous glands. 

PLUS 33 treatment products are formulated using the principal benefits of 33 essential oils and medicinal plant extracts whose toning, cleansing, reinforcing and soothing properties rebalance the natural biological processes of the hair and scalp: * Dermocleansingaction for oily skin and mixed hair types. 
* Restores the equilibrium of the hydrolipidicfilm, giving the hair added volume, tone and bounce. 
* Soothing, dermocalmaction for sensitive, reddened scalp. 
* Anti-stress effect, soothes irritation caused by chemical treatments and coloring. 

All PHYTORELAX PLUS 33 products exist in harmony with nature. They do not contain SLES, parabens, silicones, mineral oils or colorants.
A soothing treatment that provides immediate relief and a great fresh sensation for dermo-sensitive scalps. Specially indicated for sensitive, reddened skin and scalps irritated by chemical treatments and coloring.


Apply the product on the scalp, massage gently, comb and proceed with hairstyle. Do not rinse.

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