Sterimar Hygiene and Comfort of the nose 100ml

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Sterimar Hygiene and Comfort of the nose 100ml


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Nasal Hygiene

It naturally cleans and cleanses the nose from allergens and impurities to help prevent symptoms.

STÉRIMARTM Hayfever & Allergies is a 100% natural seawater nasal spray that can be used daily to clean and clear allergens, dust and other airborne contaminants from the nasal passages.

By washing out the nasal cavities, STÉRIMARTM Hayfever & Allergies naturally helps clear the nasal passage to help prevent the risk of nasal problems such as allergic reactions, including allergies and sinusitis.

Helps reduce the risk of nasal conditions occurring.

By keeping a healthy nose, STÉRIMARTM Hayfever & Allergies helps rebalance the nose and reduces the risk of further nasal conditions.

Free from – drugs, steroids, preservatives, no wonder it’s recommended by GPs.

Its natural isotonic* formulation with no known side effects, makes it suitable for all the family from 3 years and up – it can be used on its own or with other nasal medication to improve their efficacy.

*Isotonic solution: solution with the same salt concentration as cells in the human body.

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