Transdermic Technology 4 Anti-spot Serum. Blotched Skin

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Transdermic Technology 4 Anti-spot Serum. Blotched Skin


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Specific Transdermic Care for dark spots, age spots and sun spots. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a powerful anti-oxidant with a strong clarifying effect; Oligopeptide-68 is a peptide with a whitening effect; Arbutin is a strong inhibitor of melanogenesis; Niacinamide opposes the transfer of melanine up to skin surface and helps even the skin tone; Kojic Acid is a very effective dark spots depigmenting molecule that promotes the tyrosinase enzyme’s inhibition. To be applied preferably in the evening. By means of the special applicator, apply the required amount of Anti-Spot Serum on the dark spots of face, cleavage, hands, etc. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then gently tap with the fingers until complete absorption. To be used alone or in combination with the Equalizing Anti-Spot Cream.

Size: 20 ml bottle with precision applicator.

A dull and opaque skin is often the result of an insufficient cellular turnover: epidermal cells get old and thicker, thus depriving the skin of its transparency and brightness. Vitamin C, which has been inserted in the preparations of the Clarifying line, has a strong clarifying power and characterises all the formulations. Moreover, due to the process of skin ageing and to repeated exposure to sun rays, melanin produced by melanosomes accumulates in some areas, thus creating cutaneous spots: to actively work on these spots, specific highly penetrating and very effective molecules have been inserted in the anti-spot preparations.
Transdermic Technology – A World First

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