Varixinal Gel 75ml

June 1, 2020
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June 13, 2020
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Varixinal Gel 75ml


Variksinal gel is a unique product suitable for people suffering from varicose veins and other manifestations of chronic venous insufficiency.

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  • Varixinal gel is a unique product suitable for people suffering from varicose veins and other manifestations of chronic venous insufficiency – a feeling heavy and tired legs, swelling in the legs and painful muscle spasms..
  • Variksinal gel has a delicate aroma and a pleasant cooling effect after administration, which provided significant relief and a pleasant feeling of freshness in your legs..

Effects: Supports veins healthy relieves feeling of heaviness and
tiredness in the legs Reduces swelling in the legs Varixinal gel
contains: Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) – extract from
the seeds of the tree contains a substance estsin, the group of
saponins. Estsinat assists venous circulation and relieves
tension of the venous walls, reducing their fragility and
vulnerability. Reduces bruising and swelling in the legs. Ruscus
(Ruscus aculeatus) contains ruskogenini neoruskogenini and to
improve the elasticity of veins and increase venous circulation.
Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) contains antotsianozidi which are
effective antioxidants. They promote the proper development of
connective tissue and capillary resistance, improve blood
circulation in the veins and capillaries. Gotu car (Centella
asiatica) strengthens the vein walls, improves blood circulation
and metabolism of connective tissue constituting the walls of
blood vessels. Recommended for comprehensive foot care: Varixinal
tablets Variksinal tablet contains four herbs that strengthen and
stabilize the vein walls, reducing the formation of swelling and
bruising, improve the supply of tissues with blood and oxygen.
Furthermore, extracts of medicinal plants, the product includes
vitamin C and bioflavonoid hesperidine, which helps strengthen
the vein walls. The effectiveness of Variksinal pills have been
proved by Prof. Arenberger Clinic of Dermatology at the Medical
College in Prague-College Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady. Signs of
venous insufficiency: pain and swelling in the legs feeling heavy
and tired legs tingling, itching or cramping varicose veins –
raised, padded surface and winding veins hemorrhoids risk

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