Ahava Prickly pear & moringa Body Lotion 250 ml

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Ahava Prickly pear & moringa Body Lotion 250 ml


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Ahava Deadsea Water Body Lotion- Prickly pear & moringa 250ml

AHAVA’ s best-selling body cream in a new mood-boosting scent! This fast absorbing and light weight formula is powered by nourishing Dead Sea Minerals and the uplifting Prickly Pear & Moringa scent. Smooth away your stress with all-day freshness and comfort.
Aloe Vera Extract soothes and provides natural moisture
Witch Hazel extracts smoothes skin, providing refreshing, revitalizing effect
Apply generously on clean skin after bath or shower.




It all started with a team dedicated to studying, protecting, and celebrating the wonders of nature. Based in modern-day Israel, the Dead Sea region is rich in resources; scientists sought greater understanding of how minerals and botanicals could benefit the skin, giving rise to AHAVA in 1988. A NATURAL PHENOMENON Our study of nature, skin and people led to the development of AHAVA’s Osmoter™, the mineral catalyst at work in every AHAVA formula. By harnessing the most dynamic elements of the Dead Sea, this scientifically balanced blend of minerals delivers exceptional hydration to the skin. AHAVA’s Osmoter™ draws moisture and nutrients from the depths of the skin to its outer layers, where it is needed the most. This is how AHAVA products activate your skin from within.
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