Ahava MultiVitamin C+ Serum 30ml

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Ahava MultiVitamin C+ Serum 30ml


C+ serum is the most potent skin-care product you can provide your skin for tackling loss of firmness, dull and uneven skin tone.

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  • MultiVitamin C+ Serum 30ml
    Get Ready To ‘C’ The Difference C+ serum is the most potent skin-care product you can provide your skin for tackling loss of firmness, dull and uneven skin tone.
    This serum is power-packed with concentrated vitamin C technology ensuring its optimal function to help stimulate collagen, protect against free radical
    attacks and lighten skin’s complexation.
  • Enriched with multivitamin blend of antiaging Pro vitamin B5, B3, and vitamin D precursor and with Osmoter™- our exclusive naturally hydrating Dead Sea
    mineral composition to revive dullness, enhance radiance and maintain long term firmness.
    Usage – apply 2-3 drops on clean face and neck every morning and evening.
  • Vitamin C is legendary in the skin care world. In fact, it is described as the holy grail for all skin concerns. It is perhaps ‘one of the best skin care ingredients you can incorporate into your daily regimen’ praised by dermatologists, estheticians and the fact that it is the leading ingredient in consumers’ Google searches.
    But why?
    It has been proven that vitamin C application tackles essential skin concerns: it is an incredible antioxidant protector that helps to lessenskin’s aging.
    It accelerates the production of Collagen, which help keep the skin plump and firm. It combats unwanted dark spots and brightens skin tone, and proven to help skin retain moisture, keeping it supple and smooth, preventing it from becoming too oily or too dry.
    The Hero – Vitamin C
  • The Challenge
    Vitamin C is a very unstable molecule that is sensitive to oxidation. If the cream is exposed to air or light, oxidation can occur, and the vitamin C is no longer effective.
    The instability and low penetration capacity of vitamin C makes it a difficult molecule to formulate.
    Therefore, there are different types of vitamin C in cosmetics that differ in stability, permeability and effectiveness.
    How To Choose?
    Indeed, it may be very confusing… that’s why it’s important to choose a product that has ingredients that help stabilize the vitamin C (such as vitamin C derivatives: ascorbyl glucoside, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbic acid and more) and maintain the effectiveness of its activity. Inaddition, if the product also contains technologies that help deliver the vitamin C into the epidermis layers, this enhances the effectiveness and the results.
    Additional Key Ingredients
    CelluCap™ C (INCI Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate)
    A multi functional “green” encapsulated lipophilic Vitamin C, for anti-aging, firming and skin brightening. This unique system delivers each of the micro-dose encapsulated vitamin C into the skin, ensuring increased stability and optimal function resulting a firmer, smoother more even skin appearance.
    Folic Acid – known as vitamin B9, plays a vital role in helping to maintain the skin’s natural beauty, named ‘the antiaging skin acid’ contains antioxidants that work to reduce levels of oxidative stress in the skin as well as neutralize harmful free-radicals that are present in the environment and responsible for skin’s aging.
    Natriance Brightener (INCI Water (aqua) (and) Glycerin (and) Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein)
    A hydrolyzed yeast protein which works to help the skin reveal its own radiance, create a natural
    glow and sublimate skin tone for a brighter and more luminous appearance.3D™ Complex- AHAVA’s Smoothing Complex
    Patented combination of Dead Sea minerals (Osmoter™), Date extracts and Dead Sea
    Dunaliella algae, helps strengthen the skin against free radicals and smoothens fine lines.
    Additional Key Ingredients
    Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, helping protect skin cells from free radical damage. It’s a fatsoluble vitamin so it helps prevent skin from losing moisture and keeps skin’s softness.
    Gingko biloba extract
    Gingko biloba has been shown to increase the production of human skin Collagen. It works by stimulating fibroblasts in the skin, and along with its well-known antioxidant properties it helps prevent premature aging signs, keeps skin looking youthful, plump, and firm.



It all started with a team dedicated to studying, protecting, and celebrating the wonders of nature. Based in modern-day Israel, the Dead Sea region is rich in resources; scientists sought greater understanding of how minerals and botanicals could benefit the skin, giving rise to AHAVA in 1988. A NATURAL PHENOMENON Our study of nature, skin and people led to the development of AHAVA’s Osmoter™, the mineral catalyst at work in every AHAVA formula. By harnessing the most dynamic elements of the Dead Sea, this scientifically balanced blend of minerals delivers exceptional hydration to the skin. AHAVA’s Osmoter™ draws moisture and nutrients from the depths of the skin to its outer layers, where it is needed the most. This is how AHAVA products activate your skin from within.


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