Uriel Unicersal Abdominal Belt – AC11

Uriel Abdominal Belt – ST11
February 22, 2021
Uriel Lumbo Belt – 078
February 22, 2021
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Uriel Unicersal Abdominal Belt – AC11


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This belt provides compression and support for weak and strained abdominal muscles resulting from injury, exhaustion, inactivity or surgeries including cesarean, liposuction, or hysterectomy.

Promotes good back posture and can also be used as a waist trimmer.

Ideal for post-natal and post-surgical management.

Made of Neoprene and breathable spacer fabric with Velcro fastener that allows optimal individual fitting.

Indications: Ideal for post-natal and post-surgical management, including cesarean, liposuction, or hysterectomy.

Can also be used as a waist trimmer.




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